A legacy of 30 years and over 300,000 hectares transformed

We can confidently say that we know the terrain. Our boutique service, combined with our track record and reputation, ensures that every investment becomes a success story.

Why Invest in Paraguay?

Lower cost per hectare in the region:

Fertile and productive soils ranging from USD 1,500 to 2,000 per hectare, with significant land appreciation — up to 30% per year


  • 14.5% annual profitability with soybeans.
  • 30% annual land appreciation in the Paraguayan Chaco.

Legal and tax advantages:

  • The lowest VAT rate in the region (10%), IRP (10%), and IRE (10%).
  • Paraguay provides extensive support for establishing new businesses.


Access to the Pacific Ocean via the Bioceanic route and the Atlantic Ocean through Brazil via Argentina.

About Us

At Tratto Agro, we are a team of experts with over 30 years of experience at the forefront of the agricultural sector. Our history is marked by leadership in transforming the agricultural industry in Paraguay, and our founders have held key positions in global agribusiness companies. We empower agricultural producers to reach the next level.

What we do

We provide comprehensive boutique advisory services in agribusiness. From strategically acquiring rural properties that align with your unique needs to establishing the legal and financial structures for a successful and swift entry into Paraguay, we handle the details and processes so you can focus on what matters most: cultivating and thriving.

Our listed properties are available in various formats:

Purchase and Sale


Rural Partnership Agreement (Joint Venture or Percentag)


Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA)


Lease options starting from 1,000 purchased hectares.

Comprehensive Boutique Agribusiness Advisory Services:

Property acquisition and purchase


Resettlement and accommodation


Formation of Anonymous Societies


Opening of a bank current account


Accounting and legal advice for operations in Paraguay

Our Experience Speaks for Itself:

Over 300,000 hectares sold and developed in Paraguay

  • We have advised numerous clients in various crops, including soybeans, corn, wheat, sugarcane, yerba mate, and more.
  • We transformed livestock production models into agriculture in collaboration with the world’s leading multinational agribusiness corporation, covering 4 departments in Paraguay (San Pedro, Canindeyú, Amambay, Caaguazú), focusing on 123,000 hectares for the production of soybeans and corn.

Extensive Portfolio of Agricultural Properties

  • We acquire the finest fields in the Paraguayan Chaco after rigorous assessments of property titles, environmental impact, and soil analysis.
  • We have multiple statistics regarding the acquired fields.
  • We guarantee successful investments for our clients in prime agricultural lands.
  • Over 26,000 hectares placed in the Chaco since 2022.

Market Information in the Paraguayan Chaco

Silo Construction: 80,000 tons of static capacity.
4 Cotton Strippers.
Crushing Plant: 250,000 tons per year.
Slaughterhouse with a daily capacity of 1,000 cattle.
Feed Mill with a capacity of 20,000 tons.


• Area: 120,000 Ha.
• Average Yield: 2.6 Tonnes/Ha.
• Average Grain Price: USD/Ton 420.
• Primary Use: Animal feed and oil production.
• Exports: Main destinations include China, Argentina, and the Netherlands, among others.
• Average Production Cost: USD/Ha 450.
• Infrastructure: Storage silos, electrical network across all fields, year-round road access, and ports on the Paraguay River (Carmelo Peralta).


• Area: 53,000 Ha.
• Average Yield: 2.8 Tonnes/Ha.
• Average Fiber Price: USD/Kg 1.75.
• Average Seed Price: USD/Kg 0.2.
• Fiber Yield: 34% (Picker), 0% (Stripper).
• Average Production Cost: USD/Ha 1,200.
• Infrastructure: Cotton strippers and harvesters.


• Area: 40,000 Ha.
• Average Yield: 5.5 Tonnes/Ha.
• Average Grain Price: USD/Ton 250.
• Primary Use: Animal feed and ethanol production.
• Average Production Cost: USD/Ha 650.
• Infrastructure: Irrigation systems in some regions and modern agricultural machinery.

Our Team

Juan Manuel Battilana

Production Director

• Experience as the President of PlanAgro S.A, a leader in the sale of agricultural inputs.
• President of CAPRO (Paraguayan Chamber of Agricultural Production).
• Leadership roles in companies like TUPA RENDA SA and MEGAAGRO, focusing oagribusiness and technology.
• CEO at the Black River hedge fund for agricultural production covering 4,500 Ha a1,500 heads of cattle.

Jorge Amado

Commercial Director

• Over 41 years of experience at Cargill S.A Argentina, holding key executive roles in Paraguay, Bolivia, and Uruguay.
• Swine producer in Argentina, with executive roles at CEPBA and FPA.
• Extensive knowledge in grains, cereals, oils, and meats.

Daniel Vázquez


• Over three decades at Cargill SA Argentina, from commercial manager to business manager in Ciudad Rosario.
• Extensive experience as President and General Manager of Cargill Agropecuaria in Paraguay and Bolivia.
• Distinguished leadership in institutions like the Rosario Stock Exchange and currently serving as President of the Paraguayan Food Bank (Banco de Alimentos de Paraguay), contributing his expertise as a President at Tratto Agro.

Gustavo Liesegang

Vice President

• Managing Partner at Bolton.Boyer and Legal Director at Tratto Agro Paraguay.
• Over a decade of experience in Legal Management & Compliance for the agricultural sector.
• Extensive expertise in the implementation of regulations and policies.



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